TCS Response Ltd are committed to conducting their business in a manner which is both professional
and ethical whilst always paying attention to their environmental responsibilities:
These environmental responsibilities will be addressed by implementing the following:

  • Strict compliance with all relevant legal requirements, legislation and regulations.
  • Organise our operations in order to minimise pollution and disturbance to our neighbours
    and the general public.
  • Reduce where practicable, the need for any unnecessary travel and for the transportation of
    stores and equipment in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Seek to minimise waste and encourage our staff to avoid any wasteful use of materials.
  • Careful selection in the choice of equipment, materials and working methods and to make
    the most efficient use of stores and resources.
  • Ensure that effective measures are taken to control the risk of emissions or pollution to land,
    air and water from occurring during our course of work.
  • Encourage energy savings throughout the company by ensuring that all power appliances
    and equipment are switched off when not in use.
  • Re-use of parts and components where possible and encourage the re-use of stationary
    items such as files, folders and other office stationary until it is unserviceable.
  • Bulk wastepaper disposals will be sent to a recycling unit.
  • Encourage customers to specify materials and equipment which have the least
    environmental effect during manufacture, when in service, and which can be recycled at the
    end of its lifecycle.
  • Ensure disposal of redundant materials and equipment through approved disposal
    contractors with waste disposal notes retained for all transactions.
  • General waste to be disposed of using segregated skips provided under contract

This Environmental Policy will be explained to and a copy given to all employees when they start with
the company and a new copy will be provided and explained when this policy is updated.